We are hiring temporary long-haul truck drivers for the province of Quebec. They will be travelling to and from Canada and the USA on journeys of one, two or three weeks.

Essential requirements

  • English language : Functional level.
  • 5 years, continuous and recent in driving tractors and trailers
  • -Including 2 years of driving internationally
  • Financial autonomy in Canada while waiting for up to 6 months for visas and permits.
  • Commitment to apply for permanent residence the latest one year after arrival in Canada.

Major steps prior to start of work:

  • 1- Evaluation of job application, interview and road test in Canada.
  • 2- Application by the employer for a LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment)
  • 3- Application by the employee for a work permit
  • 4- Application by the employee for a B1 visa for the USA
  • 5- Training at a truck training school in Canada
  • 6- Passing the exam for one or 2 driver’s licenses, depending on the nationality of the original driver’s license
  • 7- Integration and company training.